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Special Prices

70ET16 $2299

Standard Features

Main Rails - 5"x3" x 1/4" Angle Iron

Crossmembers - 3"x2" Angle Iron

Ramps - 60" Flip Up 3" Channel

Tires - 15" Radial Tires

Jack - Upgraded 5,000lb

Wood - Prime 2x8 Pressure Treated

Lights - All DOT required LED

Tongue - 48".  5" Tubing Wrapped to the Axles

Safety - Non-Required DOT tape and reflectors

Paint - Bigfoot Exclusive Paint System CLICK HERE


Common Options

Flip up D-Rings $5

Stake Pockets $3

Spare Tire Mount $40

Spare Tire $100

Aluminum Mag Rims $350

Winch Mount $150

Winch Battery Mount $50