When buying a trailer in Orlando, Tampa, Miami, or any other city in Florida you will find that many of the trailers are being sold with brakes on one axle. A customer told me a story about a dealer in Sarasota who had a car trailer in stock with brakes on one axle. He said you don’t need brakes on both. IF he has a trailer he wants to sell with brakes on both he will tell you why you want brakes on both. The fact is if a trailer has two 3500lb axles under it then it is meant to weigh as much as 7,000lb going down the road. The axle manufacturers have tested 3500lb axles to stop a 3500lb load. It could be very dangerous to be driving in a Central Florida rain storm and have to stop quickly with only 3500lbs of brakes. Bigfoot Trailers, serving towns like Naples and Jacksonville always recommends you choose an equipment trailer with brakes on all axles. One customer from Ocala Florida once asked us, “Why is it legal to build an equipment / car trailer that only has one set of brakes?” The law says if the trailer has a GVWR of 3,000lb or higher it must have brakes. The guy who wrote the law obviously neglected to state that the brakes should be sufficient to stop the entire weight of the trailer.