At Bigfoot Trailers, serving the Equipment trailer needs of Tampa, Orlando, Lakeland, Ocala Florida, we get asked about bent axles all the time. First, axles are supposed to be bent. All major axle manufacturers apply a slight bend to the axles called Camber. If you look under your trailer you will see a very noticeable upward bend to the car or equipment trailer axle. With out this bend, when you loaded a car or piece of equipment on the trailer, it would cause the axle to flex down which will cause the tires to also turn out and cause wearing on the inside of the tread pattern. Dexter axle for example has to make an, AVERAGE, assumption on what the average load on a car trailer axle will be. Based on their research they have designed the axle to straighten under this average load and cause the tires to wear evenly. A car trailer that is hauled regularly with no load will wear the tires on the outside edge, and a equipment trailer that is towed regularly at or over its max load will wear the inside of the tires.

Now, if you see a trailer and the bottom of the tire appears to be out farther than the top of the tire. That is the tell tale sign of a trailer with an axle that was over loaded and bent. The proper camber is no longer there and if you look under the trailer the axle tube is almost certainly bent down. The way to fix this problem is to replace the axle. Bigfoot Trailer providing high quality equipment and car trailers to Central Florida.